Why use CDL?

  • CDL provides reliable and beneficial ψ-value(s) of junctions to be used in SAP and SBEM calculations
  • CDL helps to fulfil Part L requirements for both the dwelling and non-dwelling market
  • CDL allows the consequent use of lower levels of conventional insulation
  • CDL junction details are the smart solution with robustness and flexibility built-in

The main features of the scheme are:

  • On-line ‘handbook’ of Constructive Details, including junction ψ-value(s), key design and construction details and checklists
  • A risk based assessment of robustness including site validation to assess the buildability of a junction
Why has the BBA created CDL?

The BBA has:

  • Building Physics capabilities in modelling and testing
  • Unrivalled product and system certification experience in construction
  • Technical competency scheme experience (See U value scheme)
  • Site expertise (see Inspection schemes)